Camella Homes Lipa-Carmela

Camella Homes Lipa-Carmela Model House

Carmela : Floor Area: 65 sqm     Min Lot Area : 88 sqm

House Features:3 Bedrooms,2 Toilet & Baths, Living Area, Dining Area, Kitchen Area, Provision for Carport & Balcony.

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Camella Homes Lipa-Mara

Camella Homes Lipa-Mara Model House

Mara :  Floor Artea:53 sqm       Min.Lot Area:88 sqm

House Features:3 Bedrooms,2 Toilet & Baths,Living Area,Dining Area,Kitchen Area,Provision for Carport & Balcony.

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Camella Homes San Juan-Batangas Real State Marga Model House

The Marga Model house is a perfect for a small families that need a space to start a new.With 2 bedrooms,1 toilet&bath,dining,living and kitchen areas.You can start laying the foundation of a family.

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Camella Homes Lipa-Rina

Camella Homes Lipa-Rina Model House

This Rina Model house has 2 bedrooms,1 toilet & bath,dining,living and kitchen areas that is perfect for newlyweds and yuppies who want to have a brand new house they can call their own.

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Camella Lipa Project Overview!

Camella Homes – Camella Lipa Project Overview

A community that you always feel at home.

Camella Lipa & Camella

Camella Lipa


Camella Lipa in Batangas offers the perfect choice of start-up homes. Designed to fulfill the dreams and provide comfort and convenience to families, Camella Lipa rest so close to Lipa City’s commercial and business hubs.

Project at a Glance
Project Location : Brgy. Tibig, Lipa City, Batangas
Floor Areas : 40 SQM to 110 SQM
Lot Area : 60 SQM to 121 SQM
Model House : Reanna,Margarita,Rina,Marga,Mara,Carmela,Carina,Drina,Elaisa,Fiona,Gavina
Camella Homes – Camella Lipa Location & Vicinity
 Camella Homes_Camella Lipa_Location & Vicinity
Camella Homes – Camella Lipa Site Development Plan
Camella Homes_Camella Lipa_Site Development Plan

Camella Homes- Camella Lipa Amenities and Facilities

Camella Homes Lipa-Margarita

Camella Homes Lipa-Margarita Model House

Do you have loving neighbors right next to your house or have your family next to you?

Camella’s Margarita Model House is a 2-Storey house designed for smaller family sizes.It has 2 bedrooms,living,dining and kitchen areas and 1 toilet & bath


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Camella Homes Lipa-Reanna

Camella Homes Lipa-Reanna Model House

This Reanna Model House is suitable for small families and newlyweds.The house has 2 bedrooms,a toilet and bath,kitchen,dining and living areas to bring comfort to your home.

reana csar

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